Our Ministries

The Academy to Perfection is a department that promotes spiritual growth and knowledge of the bible. Through the effective instruction of formal and informal courses of study, it offers "Sunday School" classes such as Basic Bible, Christian Lifestyles, Introduction To Sainthood as well as Children and Teen Classes. The Academy to Perfection is a must for every member of Perfecting Church.

The Catering Department is a department that handles all food functions for the church. The staff of the Catering Department is more than willing to train and cultivate anyone to reach their greatest potential in this department.

The Children's Church is responsible for the spiritual growth and edification of all children ages 4 to 11. This is accomplished through weekly Children's Church services and special events that showcase our children. The Children's Department staff does not teach them to imitate adults, but rather the principles and the importance of living a holy and sanctified life by accepting Jesus at an early age.

The Dorcas Society is a department that is responsible for tending to the needs of the Pastor, guest ministers, and those serving during worship services. They are responsible for all elements to ensure the comfort of the above noted and to provide any assistance when needed. Dorcas is also responsible for preparation/assistance of Communion, Feet Washing and Baptism Services.

The Education Department of Perfecting Church promotes and motivates students from kindergarten to college. The Education Department provides scholarships, weekly tutoring, workshops on financial aid, how to select a college, how to fill out applications for college, etc. This department also helps students find monies needed to continue their education and helpful advice on all aspects of obtaining a quality education.

The Evangelism Department is a very vital department within the ministry. As our Pastor constantly reminds us, it is the "heartbeat" of the church. The Evangelism Department's responsibility is to witness to those who may not attend regular church services. It is their job to spread the word through street, jail & school ministry, hospitals and convalescent homes, and any place where they can be an effective witness. "For if we cease to evangelize, we will eventually die".

The Follow Up Department is a department that works with Evangelism. Follow Up is responsible for recording all information from new converts, and tracking them with regular phone calls to ensure that they are growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The job of Perfecting Church Toledo’s Hospitality Department is to make sure that everyone feels warmly welcomed at Perfecting Church whether you are a member or visitor. Hospitality visits the sick and shut-in, greets you every week as you visit Sunday & special services, records all information for new members, assists in New Member Orientations, and any other member or visitor services to ensure a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere at Perfecting Church Toledo.

The Ministerial Alliance Department was established to serve as a school of ministry for those who have the call of God to preach and teach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ under the ministry of Perfecting Church Toledo. As members of this elect alliance, ministers are required to attend monthly meetings, in which they receive training on all aspects of ministry, instruction in sermon preparation, and assignment schedules for weekly church services. The Ministerial Alliance Department is also responsible for visiting the sick, convalescent, and bereaved families.

The bible instructs the "older women to teach the young women in things of the Lord". Our church mothers are precious, having a wealth of knowledge. The Mother's Board is in constant prayer for our church and leadership. They are holy women and teach our ladies to be better wives, mothers and women by example.

The Nursery Department is responsible for attending to all children from newborn to 3 years of age during service times. The Nursery Department staff consists of caring, patient individuals who carefully watch infants so parents may enjoy service without distraction.

The Perfecting Care Department's mission is to reach out to the poor, destitute and those experiencing unexpected crisis by supplying food, clothing, housing and community resources and referrals.

Perfecting Overcomers Outreach is ministry that services both the church and community. The mission of the department is to offer recovery through the power of Jesus Christ by promoting the biblical pattern for overcoming strongholds through the Holy Spirit and word of God. Sharing sessions are held monthly, offering bible lessons, prayer, support and encouragement to live a victorious life! The Perfecting Overcomers also provide recovery outreach services, community chaplaincy care, literature and support groups.

The Security Department of Perfecting Church Toledo maintains safety for all members and visitors while attending services. The Security Department patrols the parking lot and surrounding streets to ensure safety. The Security Department also monitors all activities during service and is responsible for securing of the church building after each service.

The responsibility of the Usher is to greet everyone with a pleasant smile, maintain crowd control, and to assist in the receiving of tithes and offerings. This department works with the Security Department in monitoring the corridor and restrooms.

The women of Perfecting Church Toledo are a dedicated group of wonderful women, desiring to do the will of God. Once joining Perfecting Church Toledo, enrollment in this department is automatic for every woman. The Women's Department meets on a regular basis to encourage sisterhood and unity.

The Youth Department is responsible for all youth between the ages of 12 to 20. To ensure that we lose none of our youth to the wiles of society, the Youth Department plans activities for the young people to keep them active in the church while teaching them Christian values.